ClinGen Allele Registry APIs

  • Version: 0.12.xx
  • Host:
  • Protocols: https, http
  • Responds With: application/json
More Info

Allele Registry provides URIs for canonical alleles defined at the level of nucleic acid sequences (genomic and transcript alleles) or at the protein level (amino acid sequences). Different labels and definitions of the same allele are always represented by the same URI. Canonical allele embraces various names of the same allele and its definitions in the context of different reference sequences (both assemblies and transcripts). Nucleic acid and amino acid canonical alleles are defined in separate spaces and never share the same URI. This document describes API for Allele Registry that allows querying as well as registering alleles and obtaining their URI in real time. The API is based on HTTP protocol and always returns data in JSON format. New fields may be added in the future, so developers using this API should assume that all structures may contain additional fields not described in this document. Allele Registry is identified on the Internet by DNS name.

Official instance of Allele Registry is currently available at the addresses and There is also test server available at The Allele Registry API is based on HTTP/HTTPS requests. There are three types of requests used by this API; GET, POST and PUT. All GET requests can be send with the use of any Internet browser (just copy the URL to the address bar), but for sending POST and PUT requests some more advanced tool is needed. Moreover, all PUT requests requires authentication, what is described in the next section.

Ready scripts for sending POST and PUT requests with payload from given file can be found at